HOTEL SALTAwas founded in the year 1942, considered the most traditional and distinctive Northwest Hotel Argentino, unique in its category. It is located ar0und the Plaza 9 de Julio, in the heart of the city of Salta. For its majestic architecture and neocolonial design was declared a National Historic Monument as part of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

En In HOTEL SALTAwant to offer a hotel service quality, for it is Our target that our services and products to meet the expectations of our customers. Thus they offer for a friendly and personalized service, designed to timely satisfy their desires and needs.

We understand quality as a common task for all staff of our hotel, so each Customer is assumed and supplier of other departments. The same relation holds for all the people within the organization.

The governing principles of excellence in the management and this quality and environmental policy is based on the work follow the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and are:

* Ensure continuous improvement, maintaining the system efficiently and effectively to verify the commitment to customers and the Middle Environment looking for it a better internal organization of work as well as continuous training.

* Creating environmental awareness in society and commit to prevent pollution of the environment and particularly to reduce
the am0unt of waste generated through reuse and recycling.

* Ensuring customer satisfaction is always based on a proper treatment and extra effort in achieving Our services.

* Achieving Our high competitiveness based on trust and customer loyalty markets.

For his achievement HOTEL SALTA agrees to keep this policy and to implement, maintain and continually improve its Quality Management System and Environment, as well as:

* Comply with all requirements of Our customers, as well as with those of a legal nature in the field of quality and environment we were required,
and other requirements to which the company deems appropriate sign.

* Comply with the requirements established in the system, ensure continuous improvement and pollution prevention.

This policy forms the basis of our Quality Management System and Environment currently implemented in HOTEL SALTA and is the responsibility of this Department and all staff of the company proper compliance with the above principles and their implementation, for which we strongly committed to provide all necessary resources for this purpose.

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